Hiking & cycling

Camping La Pinede is located in a beautiful walking and cycling area.

Kuelscheier / Déiwepetz / Rittergang

Don't rock formations called "Rittergang", "Déiwepetz" and "Kuelscheier" sound adventurous?


The "Schiessentümpel" is a small, picturesque waterfall on the "Schwarze Ernz". The water shoots in three streams over the rock edge into a rock basin below, and then continues its course towards the village of Mullerthal.

Travertine source - Kallektuffquell

At the Travertine source situated in the valley of the Ernz Noire crystal-clear calcareous water flows over a rock formation into a basin.


There is a good bus connection between Consdorf and Echternach, either for shopping in the new Nonnemillen shopping center by the lake, or for lounging on a terrace of one of the many small cafes around the market square in the old town.


Young and old enjoy a little cooling in the water on very hot summer days.

Dinosaurierpark Teufelsschlucht

The big prehistoric park in the Eifel - off on a journey through time!